– a group of marketing companies united by the desire to help develop your business using all the capabilities of the digital space.
Mushrooms Creative Group is united by the principle of a mutually beneficial community, allowing you to solve business problems of any complexity in the "single window" mode. We surround our partners with care and attention so that not a single question remains outside our field of vision.
It is extremely important for us to share our values with both employees and partners, which is why we work exclusively with environmentally friendly companies that seek to benefit and help society.

We are sincere, open, committed to continuous development and set ourselves the goal of becoming the best Russian marketing team in the world.
Commitment to results
In the end, only what you have done is evaluated, not how hard you tried.
Continuous development
As soon as you think you know everything, you lose, especially in the field of marketing and advertising. Keep an eye on new trends to be at the peak of events.
You have your own the right to make decisions and not to procrastinate processes.

Any initiative is welcome and encouraged. Nobody but you will tell you better how to modernize the process or improve the current situation.
Honesty and openness
Everyone has the right to make a mistake, it's the way of things. A lie cannot be forgiven.
Team spirit
Alone you can do everything, but teamwork can infinitely expand your opportunities. Appreciate those who are next to you.
Endless humor
We are young and creative, which means we must have fun.
Take the risk of doing what no one else has done before.
If you share our values, then we definitely have something to talk about.
Head office:
St. Petersburg, Bolshoy Prospect PS 29A, office 206

Phone: +7 (911) 922-2679